Pink Sweat$ Keeps Building Anticipation with ‘The Prelude’

Prel·ude, an action or event serving as an introduction to something significant. A calm before the storm, a beginning of a beautiful journey. For Pink Sweat$, the release of The Prelude, is a clear indication of the shining music career that lies ahead for the soulful singer.

Blurring the boundaries of R&B into pop, funk, EDM and more, Pink Sweat$ truly poises himself as a unique and vibrant artist and storyteller. The six song EP shares his vision and talent showcased thus far in all of his work, while expressing genuine feelings and artistry that rose from the current happenings of today.

Speaking in a letter on ‘Not Alright’, he writes:

"I've always used music as a form of expression, and now is no different. 'Not Alright' is a song I wrote about the wide range of feelings you experience being Black in America… A lot of us are not alright, but you're not in this fight alone."

The Prelude shares the same sentiment. Perfectly composed songs and lyrics that are relative to all those who listen, having us tapping into our feels while simultaneously bobbing our head. You can’t help but bounce and sway along while listening to song 'Icy’ and watching the companion video. Pink suits, pink durags, and pink glasses show how icy his drip really is. And it's just the beginning.

The Prelude precedes long awaited and highly anticipated debut album Pink Planet, and gives us all the soulful and smooth singing, coupled with powerful lyrics and funky dance beats to keep us grooving on as we prepare for its release. Listen to The Prelude and check out the video for 'Icy' below.