Pop Princess Flo Gallop Rebirths Early 2000s In Loud, Proud and Honest Banger “21”

London's Flo Gallop drops her latest single "21," entailing the gripping, exciting tales of life as a youth. Her songwriting is affecting, catchy and fun; her subtle electro-pop production creates a fresh unique sound. This will in fact bless your ears with relatability. "21" is the mantra for living your life as a 21-year-old - from nights out, to living for the moments and all the bits in between that makes life so wondrously wild and exciting.

Gallop's undeniably unique vocal tone with her London accent is endearing, full of character and expression. Her cordial and visual lyrics are sure to resonate with the masses. The songwriter’s impassioned lyricism is totally charming and real, listing off all things youthful as she sings, "Stained reeboks, converse high-tops, caller ID just been unblocked."

Gliding over the drum machine is a crowning, fuzzy bass that adds a dose of sass along with pockets of voice recordings, "wanna get a bottle of wine and sit in the park?" The production, quirks and honesty gives off Lily Allen vibes. Similarly, the best part about Gallop's music is her pure vulnerability that vacuums you in. The production has woozy synth/guitar loops, frolicking drums and elements that scream a reborn 2000s-esque aura. Time to let your new musical bestie chill in your ears for a bit, this is a must listen to; get excited for more from Flo Gallop.