With ‘Things In The Way,’ Porsh Bet$ Is No Longer Playing It Safe


Porsh Bet$ is back and he's not compromising on his truth or vulnerability to give us the perfect soundtrack to every long scenic route, beach day, and potluck that spring will gift us.

His sophomore EP Things in the Way was actually in the works before his debut project I Used To Think Forever was ever born, giving us a firsthand look at the evolution he embarked on over the last year. "It's a new journey, a new project, I didn't go into making it thinking it needed to be an EP; I made some songs and it kind of built itself," he shares. 

Because it's all sandwiched within deliciously groovy beats and an upbeat candor, you may not even notice that you're bopping along to the undoing of Porsh's heart. With Things in the Way exploring an unrealized lover, and the lead single "Here" reflecting on an unrequited love, this project is about as honest as it gets. "It was all happening in real time. Something would happen and I would make a song about it," he adds.

Allowing his vulnerability to take the lead in his artistry is therapeutic for the Harlem native, sharing that he often seeks out pain to derive inspiration for his work. "Not in a way where I want to hurt, but life is boring and dull when you're playing it safe." he confesses. He's been through some winding roads, but appreciates the dark because of how the contrast brightens the light. "The frustrations I've gone through make me so much more appreciative of the other side of it."

But it took a lot of growing to arrive at the authenticity he stands in today. "I battled with it more in the beginning because people are bumping my music, which is cool, but I didn't want them to think it's all about happy or good things just because the beats are. It's a juxtaposition." In a society that is slowly blooming into a supportive space for all iterations of gender to explore their rich inner worlds, Porsh is happily letting himself build a deeper sense of comfort by being more open with his audience, much in the same way an intimate relationship between two strangers would organically progress.

All in all, Things In The Way will leave fans that were anxiously awaiting his follow-up project perfectly satiated. And with the opening track "Neiman Marcus" allowing us to look through his fresh eyes observing the Hollywood scene, it makes you wonder how he's adjusting to the new level of attention the industry is rightfully showing him.

Well, he still thinks that it's pretty weird that people seem to care enough to talk to him about "some art that he's made," and he's a bit more interested in chillin' with his cat Rylo, but we've got a feeling this is only the beginning.

Listen to Things In The Way below: