R&B’s Newest Star Kiana Ledé Is Undeniably Herself in ‘Myself’ EP


Kiana Ledé's Myself EP is a luxurious collection of bold, bright, and buttery R&B sounds. There are six tracks total, consisting of four newly-released songs sandwiched between fan favorites "Can I" and "EX."

The dynamic EP also features rapper Offset and actress/activist/singer Jenifer Lewis, and hits different levels of emotion as it flows from song to song. One moment you're swiping through Tinder and bopping to "Can I," then suddenly you're working out the weight of your struggles as Kiana Ledé sings through "Heavy."

The EP starts off with more upbeat tracks, filled with those kinds of sounds you can jam to during the pregame and at the main event. Offset's feature on "Bouncin" offers an exciting element to the elastic dance track. His presence on the song is a compelling addition to the electric EP, which has potential to attract a wider audience to be wooed by Ledé's charming sound.

Her music proves that it's not a bad thing to try to live your life without looking back or overthinking. From giving in to lust in "Can I," to taking a step back from a relationship for greater self-discovery in "Shawty," and to just feeling yourself at the function in "Bouncin," Ledé shows that she can take one day at a time. These lighthearted tracks exhibit the songstress having fun in life and in her music.

There's a mood shift in the second half of Myself, with the last three tracks moving slower. These songs ring as deeper, soulful tunes that provide insight into the raw emotions that Ledé feels on a day-to-day basis. From a conflict filled relationship in "If You Hate Me," to Ledé's struggle with anxiety in "Heavy," and to fear of losing a friend after a failed relationship in "EX," these tracks prove that Ledé's music doesn't stop at fun, upbeat party tracks. She can get real.

The songstress is proving herself as a strong force in the R&B scene. Myself is Ledé opening up to the world, showing she's not afraid to be vulnerable and embrace her feelings. You can listen to Ledé's buttery vocals and witness the enchanting nature of her latest below.

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