REI AMI’s “MAC & CHEESE” Is as Delectable as Its Namesake


Photo: Kristen Jan Wong

Whether it goes by the name Annie's, Kraft, Velveeta, or REI AMI, pure joy comes in many forms. Such is the case in "MAC & CHEESE," a rapturous new single that combines two of our greatest loves: infectious forward-thinking music and the absolute genius idea of melting cheese on top of pasta.

"MAC & CHEESE" is the latest single from visionary up-and-coming artist REI AMI, who made waves last year after a string of multifaceted singles earned praise from FINNEAS, Billie Eilish, and yours truly. Existing on the fringes of alternative pop and futuristic hip-hop, the innovative artist's latest wastes no time in separating itself apart from its peers.

Produced by longtime collaborator Elie Jay Rizk, "MAC & CHEESE" sees REI Ami firing off a delectable spitfire flow over production evocative of early PC MUSIC. Wherein the aforementioned makes the most of its hyper futuristic production to push the boundaries of pop, here it lays the groundwork for a standout hip-hop offering that feels like its miles ahead of the curve. To put it in terms anyone can understand, "MAC & CHEESE" combines the grandeur of a five-star restaurant's breaded lobster mac & cheese with the instant gratification of your favorite childhood boxed brand of gooey goodness.

As REI AMI's acrobatic lyrical dexterity and cheese-centric wordplay depart against a series of adlibs and a barrage of production that continues to evolve until its inevitable conclusion, she exits the stage dripping in unmatched braggadocio and with all the promise of one of 2020's breakout stars.

Listen to "MAC & CHEESE" below: