remy Takes Us Back to 1994 in “checklist / the one about watching friends” Video


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With the release of remy's new music video, the urge to break out my Chuck Taylors, rock some frosted tips, and dawn an 8 ball leather jacket never felt so necessary. I can vividly picture myself putting on a pair of cheap, plastic headphones, plugging them into my Discman, blasting Green Day, and jumping on my penny board to go play Nintendo 64 in my friend's basement. 

Watching remy's new music video for his latest single "checklist / the one about watching friends" puts you in a time machine back to 1994 and creates the ultimate feeling of nostalgia. Directed by Ethan Newmyer, the video portrays remy and his band hanging around a parking lot on a weekend evening with not a thing to do but enjoy each other's company. It instantly cuts to the three of them goofing off and playing in what seems to be remy's bedroom, displaying a feeling of pure '90s bliss.

The simplicity behind the video brings back fond memories of jamming out to punk rock music in my bedroom, picking at my bass guitar as fast as I can, barely playing the chords right and convinced I'm playing the song correctly. Much like the video, I close my eyes and I'm in front of a crowd of thousands. When, in reality, I open them up to see my drummer jammed in the corner of my bedroom under the crooked poster of Marilyn Manson. Everything about this music video resonates with the youthful misfit in all of us. I firmly believe that remy is really giving a new meaning to the phrase "a blast from the past."

Watch the video for "checklist / the one about watching friends" below: