RIIKI Returns to Her Happy Place on “Good Times”

Kiwi pop songstress RIIKI has completed the hat-trick of singles with her first 2020 release "Good Times."

"After the storm, there's always a rainbow" are words that RIIKI lives by. Focusing on that light of the end of the tunnel, it's her optimism which keeps the young pop star going. Her latest single "Good Times" was written fresh out of New Zealand's first lockdown, focusing on the whirlwind of chaos that 2020 was, it's a track everyone in the world can relate to.

"At one point I had lost so much motivation and would cry nearly every day, but I knew I wasn't the only one going through feels at the moment," RIIKI explains about the turmoil of 2020. "It really feels like my moving on song onto greater and better things. I'm hopeful that good times and changes are coming for everyone."

While it covers the broad topic of the wild ride of the year, "Good Times" was birthed from RIIKI's own personal experiences particularly the end of her relationship during the pandemic. After feeling uneasy during the year, it didn't quite seem like RIIKI had been in her happy place for a long time. The uncertainty that she faced throughout the year led to open-heart writing, here RIIKI imagines that the good times are an actual person ready to take you out of your sad state. "Good Times" is a reminder to us that our slumps don't last forever, and the future is always bright.

Just her third single and first one of 2020, RIIKI has saved her best till the end of the year. Stream "Good Times" below.