ROLE MODEL Experiences Love at First Sight on “blind”

Breathtaking is the perfect word to describe ROLE MODEL's new single. "blind" is about that moment when you lock eyes with the person of your dreams. In a room full of people, you're blind to everyone else.

The concept of love at first sight is a trip. Taking one look at someone, and truly believing you know everything about that person. Convincing yourself that the two of you would make the ultimate duo and take on the world together. For whatever reason, we all think this way, but are too embarrassed to ever talk about it. ROLE MODEL breaks boundaries and admits the absurd affection that rushes through your mind in an instance like that.

Like most of ROLE MODEL's songs, the nostalgic production hits you immediately. Memorable and addicting, the song is easy to listen to on repeat. ROLE MODEL has this way of imbedding a hook into your brain. Not sure if it's his signature tone to his vocals, or his vocal arrangement, but he never seems to disappoint with any release of his.

ROLE MODEL has quickly become a key artist within the industry and constantly takes our breath away with each release. His relatability and the way he's not afraid to be honest and vulnerable is something that keeps bringing us back to him.

Watch the video for "blind" below.