Roman Rouge “Needs A Friend” [Premiere]

Relationships are hard. But one of the best parts in the beginning of a relationship is the "getting to know you" phase. Through experiences and conversations, you're learning about a person and building a bond. If you do it right, you can develop that bond into an irreplaceable friendship that can last a lifetime. If things don't end up working out between the two of you though, is it possible to still miss that friendship and bond without wanting to be in a relationship with them? That is a question I don't get paid enough to answer but thankfully Roman Rouge might have one for you. The El Paso based singer/songwriter is here today with the exclusive premiere of his song "Need A Friend" to break down this exact scenario.  

"'Need a Friend' talks about the bond that is created in a relationship, even though the relationship ends, that bond remains and they will always have a special place in your life. After all, you are best friends and hopefully, you can be there for one another throughout" says Rouge. Over a stripped back guitar, Rouge coos his optimistic way of looking at a breakup. The song is beautiful and for almost one second, could possibly make you hate your ex a little less. Stream the exclusive premiere of "Need A Friend" below.