Ruel Links With Cautious Clay For Irresistible Slow Burn “say it over”


Photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

To Ruel, music seems to come as naturally and instinctively as the act of breathing itself. First making a splash at the tender age of 14, the past few years have seen the British-Australian artist regularly defy expectations and separate himself above his nearest cohorts, largely due to a continual musical evolution that continues to bear fruit in his latest single.

"say it over" follows "as long as you are," and similarly arrives as yet another breathtaking moment for the enviable tour de force. Joined by Cautious Clay, "say it over" moves with a gentle serenity all its own. Ruel's neo-soul musings on a relationship on its last legs hang just above the gorgeous minimalistic soundscape. The effect is an exquisite marriage of neo-soul and pop, of reflection and moving on.

In addition to being a spellbinding track, "say it over" is the latest taste of Ruel's highly-anticipated, forthcoming EP, Bright Lights, Red Eyes, set to release October 23. He spoke further on the new EP, sharing,

“I want to get across that this project is another step forward in maturity for me. Free Time was a step up from Ready, and this Bright Lights, Red Eyes EP is a step up again. This project was a stream of consciousness when I was writing it at the time, and I feel like that's the way all projects and songs are for me. They are moments in time.”

"say it over" arrives with an accompanying visualizer that reimagines Ruel as a '60s crooner, not a far stretch from the nostalgic air on full display. Yet, while the visual and track do emanate a certain sense of nostalgia for the golden age of soul, there is an undeniable timelessness to Ruel and his latest work of soft-spoken magic.

Listen to "say it over" below: