Ryan Wright Delivers on the Unapologetic, Cute, and Upfront “Happy Birthday”

Photo: Meredithe Ettrich

We all have pent up emotions when it comes to bad romances, but few can create the ultimate tune to put the sorrow to bed like Ryan Wright - the synth-pop-angel whose lyrics are highly striking, animated, and unapologetically sassy. Her latest single, "Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)," is the enticing and witty tune we all need to get over that certain someone. After being a little bit heartbroken, Wright wrote this track as a means of releasing her feelings in a creative fashion.

"Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)" carries both warm and icy tones, through the '80s-tinged synths, pulsing drums, funny but authentically brutal lyrics, and energized chorus. Taking influences from The Cars, The Killers, and Lana Del Rey, her music has earned her comparisons to Japanese House and Lorde.

The thing about Wright that immediately catches your attention is her upfront lyrics, unapologetic callouts, lighthearted F yous, and her ability to do it all whilst looking innocent and charming. Her songs are mesmerizingly addicting and beyond relatable. Wright spends much time writing with her father and is constantly in a music bubble, as she shares, "My songs are essentially my bottled-up emotions all being poured out in a way that makes them sound surreal. I wanted to make these very relatable experiences sound unfamiliar and strange, almost like listening to a soundtrack from an alternate reality."

Listen to "Happy Birthday (Go Fuck Yourself)" below: