Sadie Jean Wears Her Heartbreak on Her Sleeve on the Viral “WYD Now?”


Heartbreak… we've all been there; going from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows. We can all relate to opening ourselves up and sending love out into the universe, only to have it not be returned to us, or worse, shattered into a million pieces. It should then be no surprise that when an artist as talented as Sadie Jean releases a song about her experience with lost love and regret, it becomes a viral sensation.

By her own admission, Sadie is "obsessed with the feeling that comes from relating to the lyrics of a good song." With relatable lyrics of her own imbuing wisdom that might be considered beyond her years, "WYD Now?" forces listeners to reflect on their own personal journey of love, heartbreak, and holding onto dreams of building a life with that special someone. It's a visceral reminder that moving on doesn't have to mean letting go. 

"WYD Now?" is crafted in such an intimate way that it feels like we are all sitting in Sadie's living room, listening to her share her story with us. In fact, Sadie did just that when she invited viewers to duet with her on TikTok and use the song to express their own stories of heartbreak.

The genuine authenticity of this song isn't the only thing that led "WYD Now?" to garner an impressive three million views on TikTok and 160,000 pre-saves Spotify in the span of just two weeks. This sweeping viral sensation also has a lot to do with Sadie's raw vocal talent. Her voice is silky smooth and comes across so effortlessly that this pop ballad feels like Sadie is setting everyone who listens to it at ease. At the same time, she is challenging us to follow our heart and pose the question, "What are you doing now?"

Listen to WYD Now? below: