Sam Fischer Tackles Heartbreak, Disappointment and Gratitude on 'Homework’ EP


Sam Fischer first garnered worldwide attention with his breakout track "This City," which went viral and racked up over 250 million streams. This single cemented his talent as an artist, and especially as a songwriter. His latest EP, Homework, is further proof that Fischer has a gift for writing raw, honest music centered around the shared human experience.

The EP launched with heartbreaking single, "The Usual." The track's production is skeletal, letting Fischer's powerhouse vocals and raw storytelling remain the focus, as he comes to terms with heartbreak and letting go of a relationship.

Fischer continued the formation of his EP with two new tracks, "Everybody's Got Somebody" and "I Got to Live." "Everybody's Got Somebody" has a striking juxtaposition between the lyrics and the music itself. Despite centering around the painstaking process of falling out of love with someone, the track is upbeat with an electrified chorus. In his own words,

"Everybody's Got Somebody is like a live couples therapy session. It's acknowledging your own toxic behavior and confronting the relationship or reality that messed you up. I've been burned quite a lot in my life; professionally, personally, romantically, so whoever I was before all of that is long gone and through it all, the trust issues, the insecurities, the hardship, I am who I am and I'm grateful I've found someone to love the messed up version of myself."

"I Got to Live" attempts to find balance between wanting more and appreciating what you already have. It's extremely easy to fixate on what goes wrong in life, no matter how many things are going right. In the song, Fischer takes a step back from all the success he's had and hardships he's overcome to remind himself to stay present in every moment and appreciate the little things.

Fischer's unpretentious take on writing has a unique ability to connect with anyone that listens to his music. Homework beautifully displays this talent, and as a whole, the project gives a glimpse into the wide variety of sound that can be expected from Fischer in the future.