Sasha Sloan and Charlie Puth Find Solace on “Is It Just Me?”

Photo By: Susanne Kindt

Real, deep human connection is hard to come by. Nothing can replace the warmth and comfort of finding another person who understands your every obscure thought or inexplicable opinion. "Is It Just Me?" perfectly incapsulates that exact feeling.

Since the release of her debut EP in 2018, Sasha Sloan's clear gift of songwriting has earned her a dedicated fanbase. Her talent as a writer has continued to be cemented as she possesses an innate ability to break down complicated emotions into straightforward and relatable lyrics. "Is It Just Me?" is no exception. In fact, Puth said of the track,

"I am very excited about this song with Sasha. I only sing on songs I didn't write, when I wish I wrote them. And this is one I really wish I wrote."

With Puth's feature, "Is It Just Me?" transformed into a late-night talk between two people connecting over their most obscure intimate thoughts. The vocals are soft, almost whispered, speaking to the vulnerability required when opening up to another person.

During a time of heightened isolation and divisiveness, this track provides a much-needed reminder of the importance and magic of real human connection.

Listen to "Is It Just Me?" below.