SG Lewis Sees the First Touches of ‘Dawn’ in the Euphoric “Blue”


The British producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist SG Lewis just released a hypnotic single entitled "Blue." This is the first single released from Dawn, the final chapter of his three-part concept album Dusk, Dark, Dawn.

SG Lewis goes back to his roots with this new single by using his own vocals instead featuring another artist. "Blue" is a kaleidoscope of bright beats and tender melodies. The latest single splits off mid-song into a blissful instrumental leading back to distorted vocals that follow listeners to the end of the song.

He shared,

"'Blue' is the first track off of 'Dawn' and is something I am hugely proud of. The track is a bit of a journey that transports to a second dimension in the latter half. I created it in London with my long-term collaborators, Phairo and Frances, and I feel like it is the perfect introduction to the third and final part of the project."

The album's three chapters chronicle the rollercoaster of emotions that occur during a night out. Every track acts as a tribute to club and youth culture. SG Lewis believes that there is "something much deeper in those experiences than people just going out for fun." Dusk, which was released in early 2018, was a fascinating fusion of disco, smooth electro and funk, while Dark had a heavier and more somber sound. Dawn concludes SG Lewis's latest project and embodies the euphoric and warm feeling closely tied to the watching the sunrise after an excitement-filled night.  

Lewis expanded,

"'Dusk' brings you in. 'Dark' represents the peak of the night. Then, 'Dawn' is the end of the night. The music slows, and morning begins. I had to pull inspiration from genres and styles that reflected each. I'm trying to narrate the journey of a night out musically, trying to capture the highs and the lows in energy, and some of the euphoria experienced in those moments. There are moments when I hope you achieve that by listening to this."

Catch SG Lewis performing at Coachella this April, and revisit our "Quick 6″ with him below: