Simone Valentina's "All My Friends" Is a Feel-Good Debut Single


Debuting her first track ever, Simone Valentina is undeniably a name we won't soon forget. "All My Friends" comes as a feel-good anthem so many of us are longing for during the cold months of winter. Valentina opens up and lets us see her at her most vulnerable state of mind. The perfect way to debut an artist project.

Simone Valentina has been playing music forever. As a classically trained pianist, Valentina uses her practice to create a unique and forward-looking vibe in her songwriting ability. "All My Friends" is an anthem for the ones who feel like they're constantly going back to their ex. The one that they keep finding themselves longing for at the end of the day. But instead of denying, denying, denying, Valentina embraces her faults. "All My Friends" is a megaphone to all the brokenhearted to let them know they're not alone. 

With a message we see often, Valentina utilizes colorful production to push the message across. The use of vibrant harmonies and major chords creates an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere. It's the type of song you can blast at a party, embracing all your best friends and singing at the top of your lungs. Simone Valentina is a name you most likely haven't heard yet, but one you're going to keep seeing a lot in 2021. Don't sleep on this rising star.