SiR and Zacari’s Latest Visual Is a Heart-Racing “Mood”

Photo: Christian San Jose

"Mood" is just that, a laidback and effortless vibe. Taken from SiR's sunset album, Chasing Summer, "Mood" sees a feature from hip-hop up-and-comer Zacari. SiR just dropped the video for the illuminated track, and it's a beauty worth watching. "Mood" is full of flavor like a well-seasoned autumn dish. SiR delivers beautiful bars with his usual tender sultry voice, while Zacari's floats over the hook like a cloud, weightless. Both SiR and Zacari are a halcyon match. 

"Mood" zooms into a relationship between two people on very different pages. SiR is distant, he knows it. His focus is blatantly on money-making, and he can't deter his attention to anything else at the moment, even if that attention is from the one who loves him. "Mood" is an ode to the conscious understanding of our preoccupation with the material instead of truly treasuring the people who matter most.

Directed by Mez for Heirs, the visual embraces elements of Japanese culture, beginning with several opening lines in the language. Translated a woman says, "I want to spend time together, can't you save your work for later? / Don't pretend you can't hear me." In a tropical setting, Zacari takes on the role of "The Good Guy" and SiR "The Bad Guy." An army of acrobatic women surrounding SiR are tasked with making sure the two never meet in the action-packed film. But if SiR is so beat from having money on his mind all the time, who's to say this elaborate sequence isn't all one big dream? 

Watch the video for "Mood" below: