Skofee’s “Polished” Is a Middle Finger to Self-Doubt [Premiere]


Los Angeles-based Alt-pop artist Skofee (pronounced "Skoh-fee") is working through it. Like all of us, she's a work in progress and she wants her music to reflect that. "I'm attracted to songs that admit fault and work through emotions in real time rather than presenting the conclusion wrapped up with a bow. It's more interesting to be in the point of tension as a listener; the in-between." We agree and maybe that's what gives her lyrics a certain level of magnetism.

Today, Skofee is back with the video premiere for her new song "Polished." The song, co-produced with Jamison Baken, revolves around personal imperfection in relation to success in various facets of our lives. The lyrics probe "If I could be polished / If I didn't lose shit / If I was more modest / Would you like that?" Adding more context to the song, Skofee shares,

"'Polished' is about constantly coming up short and wondering if your legacy is going to be a collection of 'what if's'. I wrote this song after a frustrating few hours of trying to write and coming up with nothing. Once I took a step back and started addressing the negative thoughts bubbling in my subconscious the song came easily. I hope listeners can relate, and also see the importance of being kind to themselves through any self doubt."

"Polished" is the latest single from Skofee's upcoming debut EP of the same name due out on September 18th. In the meantime, watch the premiere of the "Polished" video below: