Sophie Coran’s “S P A C E” Is a Cinematic Love Letter to Self-Love


This week Philadelphia-based singer Sophie Coran returns with "S P A C E," her first release of 2021. Following the success of her 2020 single "I Could Be Your," the classically-trained songwriter delivers fans another uptempo jazz-R&B hit with her newest track. Sporting lush vocal harmonies and synth layering, "S P A C E" is a refreshing and cathartic track that could not have come sooner. 

True to its name, "S P A C E" is an impressive cinematic showcasing of Sophie Coran's affinity for thoughtful composition and contemporary musical styles. On a mix decorated with string swells and clever chord progression, Coran paints a picture of self-love, perspective, and introspection that only the springtime could bring. You can hear the influence of Nick Hakim, Amy Winehouse, and Lana Del Ray in her vocal performance, one that somehow stays both energetic and pensive at the same time. Her R&B-jazz-soul synthesis could be likened to artists like Fiona Apple or Orion Sun - but Sophie Coran truly deserves a lane of her own with singles like this one. If nothing else, "S P A C E" is a much needed escape that forces listeners to reflect on their past while gazing towards the future.

"S P A C E" is a single pulled from Sophie Coran's newest record of the same name coming out April 9th, but until then fans may be impatiently awaiting more songs. Her music is recorded with her whole band, and unfortunately that group-ensemble feel may be a hard itch to scratch before April rolls around. Luckily, Sophie's past work is easily accessible on Spotify, with each track existing as a carefully crafted groove waiting for you to discover. With the release of "S P A C E", there is no doubt that we'll have to keep our attention on Sophie Coran this year.