Stars and Rabbit Reveals a Utopian Soundscape in "Naked King" [Premiere]

Photo: Robby Suharlim

Indonesian duo Stars and Rabbit craft an infectious blend of indie pop and indie rock that straddles the line between Mazzy Star and early Björk.

The band's forward-thinking songwriting has allowed them to effortlessly crack the international market without compromising their worldly aesthetic. Their content is unabashedly wacky, bursting with weird and wild glimpses of their unrestrained creative energy. And yet, at the end of the day, it all settles into a solid and accessible blend of time-honored rock n roll.

Their latest offering, "Naked King," swings for the fences with an unrelenting Radiohead-esque groove that allows lead singer Elda to stretch her impressive pipes across the song's gorgeous, elongated melodies. Musical director Didit provides a full spectrum of vivid sounds to accompany his muse, balancing the track's psychedelic dynamics with a grounded sense of rhythm and harmony. Of course, any self-respecting indie pop dance number should end with a youth choir chanting the chorus, and Stars and Rabbit scratch this universal itch with a euphoric gang vocal that feels both joyfully innocent and completely badass.

"We usually write about meaningful relationships with life and other beings as we're admittedly a bit obsessed with a Utopian type of existence," Elda asserts. "I guess that's why I love music. It makes me feel like anything is possible."

Take your first listen to "Naked King" below, and keep an eye out for Stars and Rabbit's new album, Rainbow Aisle, which drops February 26: