Stay Over’s New Video Is a Reminder That It’s Okay to Not Always Feel “Happy” [Premiere]


Photo: Anthony Campusano

"I'm supposed to be happy, but what if I'm sad?" The candid point of introspection builds the emotional crux of Stay Over's sophomore single "Happy." Built over an anthemic amalgamation of indie rock and urban pop, "Happy" sees Stay Over searching for an answer to that aching question. And while he never arrives at a simple answer, he does provide a point of shared empathy, one he explores further in the single's new music video that is premiering here today.

Released in partnership with Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay, an organization that is seeking to raise awareness surrounding mental health issues by breaking down barriers, the "Happy" video brings the ongoing struggle of feeling alone in a crowded room to the surface.

Directed by Bobby Hanaford and shot at Cocoon Malibu, a cross-disciplinary artist incubator and creative gathering place, the "Happy" video sees Stay Over making his way through a packed party where he constantly feels and looks out of place. The self-questioning soon floods in, as he examines the societal pressure of constantly needing to appear outwardly happy. Stay Over spoke further on the real-life inspiration behind the single, sharing, 

“I wrote and recorded this song in Philly at the house I grew up in at 5 AM. It’s about growing up. It’s about me trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. Trying to figure out why I’m not as happy as I used to be. Everyone in my life used to know me as the happy kid. Then over time I started getting sad. It’s been confusing. I’m coming to terms with it. Asking questions. Searching for answers. Trying to figure myself out. Accepting who I am and being okay with it."

Hunter Moreno, co-founder of Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay, added,

"We love the unique style that Stay Over took on creating this song. It aligns so well with our mission at Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay. The openness and vulnerability he shows is what we encourage at make sure your friends are okay and we are so happy to be a part of this.

In a time where we feel more disconnected than ever, "Happy" is a salient reminder that it's perfectly okay not to fit in, and, most of all, that it is okay not to always feel happy. Check in on your friends and yourself.

Listen to "Happy" below: