Steve Lacy Breaks His Silence with the Waviest of R&B Jams, “N Side”


Two long years since his last solo release, The Internet's Steve Lacy proves that he still has the magic touch when it comes to crafting the waviest of R&B jams. Performing as The Internet's guitarist, Lacy gained notable recognition for producing their Grammy-nominated album, Ego Death (LP 2015), all while keeping up with typical high school drama. The Compton-native eventually made his solo debut with the Steve Lacy's Demo EP in 2017, and he went on to collaborate with established names like Kendrick Lamar, Solange, Kali Uchis, YG, Vampire Weekend, and Mac Miller.

The soulful "N Side" makes us think of the days when Lacy would produce fire beats on just his iPhone, using a plug-in piece for his guitar. Now rewarded with easier access to more advanced production technology, Lacy is letting his creative juices flow with "N Side" as he experiments with stunning rhythm guitar strokes and funky bass lines. With this being a mere preview of what to expect from Lacy's next solo project, we're more than ready for more from this lovable crooner.

After confirming the completion of two solo albums, The Internet teased Steve Lacy's forthcoming release,

"1 this month. 1 next month."

Appreciate the refreshing stylings of Steve Lacy's "N Side" below: