Still Woozy Will Have You Creepin’ Thru the “Window” to See Your Summer Lover


Photo: Sarah Ohta

Who is Still Woozy? Let's just say, when I asked my editor to cover his latest track the reply was, "Yes. I don't even need to hear it." THAT, my friend, is the perfect depiction of who Still Woozy is, an artist that we can rely on with confidence to produce nothing but jammy-good-vibe-tunes. He's the one whose melody can catch anyone's ear, is consistent yet pushes boundaries, and has produced a catalogue of songs that you can leave on loop for hours… and hours.

Still Woozy, whose true name is Sven Gamsky, is back and we didn't know he could be this much better. "Window" has that rare combination of production that fires up summer backyard parties and lyrics that let you stew in your feels. 

As the bed squeaks and distinctive fusion of Still Woozy's production and instrumentation play out, we cannot help but get swept up in the heartfelt lyrics, "If I got one thing right it was you and me / When I go through the window so my body sees /  Pull me closer please / I don't even need you to explain / How much longer will you keep me on your chain / I'm runnin' out of options / You're running through my mind with a shotgun."

It's creepin' through windows, summer love at its finest. "Window" is here following an incredible DIY cover of Tame Impala's "The Less I Know The Better," where we finally get a glimpse of his goofy, creative personality in his home studio. (If you haven't seen this video yet, it's a must. His dance moves are out of this world. And I might like it better than the original, but shhh don't tell Kevin). Still Woozy we love you, and, just like last summer, we'll keep you on loop. 

Listen to "Window" below: