Suzy Jones Turns Last Supper Into a Food Fight in “Tonight” Video


What puts the power in a power ballad? Is it the ascent to the belted high notes of a chorus? Is it the fire-in-your-gut feeling of rooting for the underdog, earnestly navigating the trenches of unrequited love? Is it the fact that anyone can sing it in the shower and, if only for a moment, feel like Adele? Soulful songstress Suzy Jones knows the secret to the perfect power ballad, and her latest single "Tonight" is sonic proof. After her singles "Final Piece" and "Now!," Jones graced audiences with "Tonight," which is joined today by a must-see accompanying music video. 

Expect to see heartbreaking realness in the form of steadfast female friendships, a relationship on the outs, and a last supper-turned-food fight. Directed by NYC-based director Jacqueline Justice, the video for "Tonight" captures the sun setting on the formal dining space of a mansion, as the dust settles on a broken relationship inside.

In a dress fit for a funeral, Jones sings of her one-sided relationship and the knowledge of its inevitable end. She steps onto the dinner table and walks through the elaborate dinner food, singing, "I know you'll be with somebody else by dawn / But I'll stick around, just for tonight / There's so much I could say, I'll save it for another day / That's how I'm gonna get by." 

With yet another impressive visual release, Jones proves that she has both the talent and the artistic vision to cut through the noise. We'll definitely be singing this one in the shower. 

Check out her video for "Tonight" below for a dose of empowerment, commiseration, and goosebumps