Sycco Is an Infectious Dose of Sonic Sunshine

Picture this: It's Day ??? of self quarantine. The world is a dark place, you haven't had an ounce of real joy in weeks. You throw on some music to hopefully inspire a good morning. All out of nowhere, BOOM… the voice of an 18-year old-Brisbane girl bumps through your speakers. 

It's infectious, uplifting, reminiscent of those days warm summer days where you're driving to the nearest beach with your friends. That was how I was introduced to Sasha McLeod, also known as Sycco. 

McLeod is a young artist writing, performing and creating a world for her music to live and thrive. Dipping into her Instagram, you see the vision for color and a space of creativity, much like her music reflects. 

Sycco is taking the music scene by storm, having already played an early slot at Laneway Festival and opening for a handful of artists. Sycco has seen placement on New Music Friday, and as the cover of Front Left, a Spotify playlist that is truly an indie favorite. She's paving her way around her hometown of Brisbane, but we cannot wait to see the moves she makes in the US.

I dare you to not sing along to McLeod's latest release "Nicotine." With lyrics like "Is this real or just a vivid dream / You're my nicotine, my nicotine / Haven't felt this way in a while / Sun is up my heads in the clouds / So obsessed with you / You're my nicotine" paired with her psychedelic pop production, we have the ultimate jam ready for nearly any occasion. "Nicotine" is more than apt to score you dancing alone in your room like you're 14 again (even if you're actually 24) or as that summer anthem once we're all done being grounded.

We already feel utterly attached to the sonic sunshine Sycco is releasing. She is pulling us out of this springtime-sadness, let her do the same for you.

Listen to "Nicotine" below: