SYML Gets Intimate Before His Debut Album With “Bed”


"Bed" arrives as the latest indie pop offering from SYML's forthcoming self-titled debut album. "Bed" is an intimate midtempo love song that reassures his partner that no matter what, he will always be there for her. Originally "Bed" was just a synth bass line, but months later ethereal vocals were added to create this uniquely delicate single.

"Bed" is the last single SYML will release before the premiere of his highly-anticipated self-titled debut album, set to arrive May 3. The album has been in the works for nearly two years, and will feature some of SYML's most popular tracks like "Where's My Love" and "The Bird." The twelve track project will explore topics surrounding love, loss, and discovering one's self-identity.

Brian Fennell, more popularly known as SYML, meaning "simple" in Welsh, is an artist whose music is fueled by inspirations that stretch back generations. Fennell wanted to pay tribute to his Welsh roots after discovering his biological parents. As a child Fennell was adopted and raised in Washington, fueling and inspiring a substantial amount of SYML's songwriting.

Catch SYML playing songs from his new album live late this summer and early fall here