Take a 3-Minute “Vacation” with Johnny Stimson’s Soulful Pop Righteousness [PREMIERE]


Do you ever feel like you just need to escape reality? Even for a brief moment? Johnny Stimson fully recognizes this undying urge we all have, and he's managed to translate this universal feeling into his lovely discography. Just a few years into his musical career, the Dallas native has already been featured on The Vampire Diaries and Trophy Wife and he has even toured alongside SoMo and Tori Kelly. With the guidance of Elton John as his mentor, Stimson is destined for success as he continues to release earwormy tracks like his charming new single, "Vacation."

Stimson's silky vocals and atmospheric guitars are exactly what attracts us to his timeless sound. "Vacation" is also drizzled with bouncy bass lines that offer a sonic variety that Stimson prides himself on experimenting with. A refreshingly sun-soaked tune, "Vacation" sees Stimson reflecting on his desire to leave his responsibilities for the time being and return whenever he's ready.

On "Vacation," Johnny Stimson exclusively shared with us,

"Growing up is hard to do. Sometimes I like to escape from reality for a few weeks and get lost in the windy streets of Tokyo or on a beach in California. Other times I get lost in a song. 'Vacation' is a little bit of both. It's the soundtrack for all the beautiful places I've been so fortunate to escape to these past few years. I sing it and I see my wife walking across a cobblestone street in Croatia. I see my cousin Luke slurping ramen in Shinjuku, and my smiley friend Dennis playing his guitar in Indonesia. 'Vacation' is my way of pressing those memories into my mind and letting them fly away in a song."

Ones To Watch has your first listen of "Vacation" below: