Take a Disco Dance Break With “The Word” From Alec Wigdahl

This might come as news to you, but you know and love the musician, singer-songwriter, and producer, Alec Wigdahl. The viral hit "Lemonade," featuring Don Toliver, Nav, and Gunna that you've been listening to on repeat, was co-written and produced by Wigdahl. He even graced us with an acoustic rendition using only his voice and that unforgettable guitar riff on his Instagram. Listening to his latest single, "The Word,“ it didn't take me long to add the track to all my newest playlists. The song demonstrates how endearing and impressive Alec's music capabilities are as a young artist on the rise.  

It wasn't always music for Wigdahl. Like most kids growing up in American suburbia, he lingered as a child and waited for inspiration to strike. Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he was "the kid in middle school who would get along with anybody, but I didn't have that tight knit sense of belonging." But when his scoliosis stopped him from being able to play quarterback in high school, he started writing songs. He said, "it all snapped into place at once," and from that point on, Wigdahl became "that music kid."  

After Taz Taylor, the founder and CEO of Internet Money Records (hits helmed by the collective include JuiceWRLD's "Lucid Dreams" and "Random" by Lil Tecca), discovered a video of Wigdahl singing on Twitter and told him to move to LA to be closer to the Internet Money house, Wigdahl said "It's just been a blur since then."

Knowing all of this, "The Word" shows off Wigdahl's complete versatility. It's centered around another super catchy guitar riff, which is clearly his thing. The tone of his voice paired with the lyrical content of the song confirms him to be a heartthrob. And the chorus is irresistibly funky. The cover art for the track is equally fun, and all in all, Wigdahl makes it pretty hard for you not to like him.

So if you need a quick disco dance break, be sure to listen to "The Word" by Alec Wigdahl. The young artist is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about in American pop.