Tate McRae and Ali Gatie Pour Out Heartbreak in Melancholic Video for “Lie to Me"

The challenges of cancelled tours and productions amidst a global pandemic haven't stopped Tate McRae and Ali Gatie from pressing on in their pursuit of telling searingly candid and relatable stories through their music. The two artists have collaborated on a new song lamenting the heartbreak of a relationship betrayed, crying out, "said you'd never, why'd you ever lie to me?"

With a penchant for honest songwriting and a sound characterized by the reeling emotions of love won and lost, the two rising artists have formed a synergistic collaboration that captures the forlorn and disorienting feeling of betrayal, backed by a heavy hitting beat that mimics the gut-wrenching sucker punch of the crushing realization that all your hopes have been invested in a lie. 

The fluidity of the song belies the nature of how the song developed. Written and choreographed over FaceTime during quarantine, "lie to me" combines the strength of both artists unique individuality, drawing upon McRae's dance background (she placed 3rd in So You Think You Can Dance? in 2016) and Ali's confessional lyrics. They successfully create a tumultuous video about the heart-wrenching realities of an unfaithful love. 

To date, both McRae and Gatie have cultivated audiences that extend beyond the typical boundaries of music. McRae had already found recognition and buzz prior to signing with RCA when videos of her singing on her YouTube channel began to grab significant attention. Gatie's meteoritic rise can be partially attributed to his relationship-building strategies with his fans. As viral TikToks and international tours cement him as an up and coming global superstar, Gatie still engages with the fans who latched on early to his confessional lyrics and relatable story, responding to Snapchats and DMs from his most loyal fans. 

And while McRae may not share as much about her personal life online as her collaborator does, the streaming success of her breakout single "you broke me first" on top of the combined millions of streams she has garnered attests to the resonance that the vulnerability of her music has with her audience. 

Neither of them are looking to slow down any time soon, forging ahead in their respective paths to global renown. Watch the video for "lie to me" out now.