Tate McRae Continues Her Pop Takeover With “stupid”

Tate McRae continues to showcase why she is being touted as one of the most promising young stars in the world of pop. With an already solidified and passionate fan base, McRae continues to garner attention from worldwide audiences. With her tracks "all my friends are fake" and "tear myself apart," McRae has already sold out her first headlining tour and looks to cement her star status with a debut EP come 2020. With all of this attention quickly flooding the young star, she continues to master her craft and hone in on the sound that will define her music for years to come.

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To finish off 2019, McRae delivers her latest single "stupid," which is her most impressive release to date. The track touches upon the idea of wanting the exact opposite of what one needs. McRae describes the track as being about "the person that is everything you shouldn't want, but you do." It is the self-awareness featured in lines like "I'm so foolish for fooling around with you" and "I'm so stupid for you" that brings to light the self-afflicted heartbreak of knowing one is making a decision that will likely later hurt them in the end. 

Along with the single, McRae brings forward an aesthetically-pleasing and minimalistic visual to serve as an artistic extension of the track's themes. With an aerial shot of McRae laying against a white background, the video showcases a mind in conflict. 

"stupid" is another well-executed release from McRae and a testament to her universal appeal. As a songwriter and vocalist, the rapidly rising artist continues to trend upward and "stupid" is an indicator of that growing success. With 2020 coming quickly, be prepared to hear the name Tate McRae much more often in the new year. 

Watch the video for "stupid" below: