Tessa Kaye Battles Anxiety on "You Know Who You Are and I Hate You” [Premiere]


Tessa Kaye provides us with a highly relatable track detailing her everyday struggles. “You Know Who You Are and I Hate You" echoes the same sentiment that all those with mental illness deeply feel. They know as troubling as it is, it will always be a part of their persona. Like an unwanted friend you cannot shake loose, you are left seeking ways to make the relationship more manageable.  With intoxicating soundscapes of twinkling bells and dewy droplets, the song leaves listeners swirling through a dream-like state. Her beautiful and breathy vocals radiate with raw passion. The singer shares, "although it could be about a romantic relationship as well, I’m personally talking to my anxiety about the ways it has debilitated my life at times. The song is a reminder that it's perfectly ok to have days when you're down, we're all human and we're allowed to be soft, feel delicate or just not ok."

The Philadelphia born, Los Angeles based artist fuses R&B, electronic and indie pop to concoct a rare and unconventional sound. Through her candid lyricism and powerful vocal range, Kaye's music ascends to soaring heights. Touching on vulnerable topics of heartbreak and mental distress, she reminds listeners that they are not alone in their suffering. Her riveting releases are also a way to stand up to those that see emotional pain as a frailty.

Growing up in Utah, Kaye's adoptive family raised her in the Mormon Church. Being a black female in a predominantly white community did not come without its challenges, but the adversity has only made her stronger. Now as an adult, she has denounced the religion, moving to the West Coast to pursue a musical career. Listening to her stunning offering "You Know Who You Are and I Hate You" makes it clear that her decision really paid off.

Tessa Kaye · You Know Who You Are and I Hate You