The Driver Era Lives Life to the Fullest in “Welcome To The End Of Your Life”


5 songs into their discography, and The Driver Era has never failed to impress us with their dark approach to alt-pop. Their latest single, "Welcome To The End Of Your Life," follows their signature head-bopping sound, and we couldn't be more obsessed. Never letting themselves be bound by labels or expectations, even walking away from a record deal with Hollywood Records, this sibling duo pursues their music in an undeniably personal fashion. 

On their latest single, Ross Lynch shared:

“’Welcome to the End of Your Life’ sounds like a morbid title, but in actuality it's meant to leave a positive impression on the listener. Go live your life before it's too late. Take that chance, ask her to dance.”

By breaking away from their old band, R5, and creating an entirely new sound, The Driver Era is following their own advice and living life to the fullest, through completely self-written and self-produced bops. Heavily punk-influenced, but as catchy as a pop banger, comes "Welcome To The End Of Your Life." The duo question what they have missed out on as they approach the end of their life, and regret not doing everything they set out to do. Ross' achingly beautiful vocals paired with Rocky's lively guitar set the scene for this thought-provoking song.

The accompanying lyric video for "Welcome To The End Of Your Life" brings us into the animated world of the Lynch duo. Just as creative and entertaining as the world of Nintendo's Mario, the video features an arcade-style Ross and Rocky Lynch running and overcoming obstacles, but not earning a single coin. At the end of the video, the two are run over by a flashy red car, which brings about the end of their lives. 

Take a moment to watch the video below and feel inspired to step outside of your comfort zone: