The Hails Debut With ‘He Seems Upset’ EP


The Hails are back with their debut EP He Seems Upset. The EP showcases the diversity in the five-piece band's writing ability. The South Florida group brings us into their world of ups and downs and showcases it through distinct melodies and variations. Incorporating their classic indie pop inspiration with some new electronic accents, the EP is bound to catch your attention.

He Seems Upset starts out strong with their lead song "Sippin on the Daylight". Infusing a funky guitar with space-like instrumentation sets the tone for the EP. The Hails lead singer, Robbie Kingsley, explains that they wanted to trap a world of emotions into one record. Comparing the EP to a snow globe, they've trapped a variation of different vibes in one bubble. Kingsley explains,

"He Seems Upset is a peek inside a world of sunshine and thunderstorms. We've wrapped up our complex feelings and stored them away in a cute, little snow globe. If you break the glass, don't be afraid to be sucked into our world for an hour or two."

The two most notable songs on the record are Heartbeat and Heartbeat Pt. 2. Heartbeat is one of those songs you get lost in. The dream-like production warps you into the world of The Hails, like Kingsley explained. It begins with a simple beat and catchy guitar melody. The song is perfect for a late night road trip down the interstate. It transitions perfectly into Heartbeat Pt. 2, continuing the flawless flow of the EP in general. The Hails debut EP He Seems Upset is one long vibe with high replay value.