The Marías’ “Un Millón” Has Us Feeling A Million Different Ways


Photo: Ashley Seryn

The Marías know how to get our hearts fluttering and minds daydreaming. And their newest release is a reminder they also know how to get our bodies moving. The stunning single, "Un Millón," has us feeling a million different types of bliss. 

The sonic stage is set with gently dimmed lights and a retro synth floating in before a spotlight shines on the affixed vocals. A dark synth bass queues the suspense, along with the lines, "Quiero amanecer junto a ti / Nunca más verte sufrir / Vamos juntos hasta fin," meaning "I want to wake up with you / Never see you suffer again / We go together until the end," which seemingly rhymes even through translation. 

A sudden shimmer reveals the band and a full room of people grooving to a reggaeton beat, with María Reál's serene vocals completing the buoyant euphoria. As Reál stated on Instagram, the song is "inspired by my beautiful island in Puerto Rico," one of the birthplaces of reggaeton. This influence, tinged with pop, jazz, Josh Conway's production, and an ultra talented band, makes up the soulful sublime that is The Marías.

Following the plush, powerful first teaser, "Hush," "Un Millón" is the second single from the group's highly-anticipated debut album Cinema. Its addictiveness already has us feeling hooked on the project to come, and we cannot wait to experience it in full. 

Listen to "Un Millón" below: