The Sunshine Brothers Inc. Surfs Through Youth Love, Desire, and Escapism in ‘Jerry’ EP [PREMIERE]


Even in the icy gloom of a Northeast winter, the Sunshine Brothers Inc. brings the warm summer love with their self-described infectious “East Coast Psych Surf Synth Sunshine Pop.” The band comprised of college-goers Jake Weissman, John DiSabito, Charles Vadala, and Niall McCarthy, is a testament to time. Growing in the old ways we used to see bands flourish – from basements, bars and college shows, the group has organically grown to be everyone’s personal dose of sunshine.

From their dreamy vocals to funky and playful bass, this EP takes you through every fun emotion as a young adult. Let the guitar-driven “I’ve Been Falling Apart” be the band-aid you’ve needed to heal your latest emotional wound. After all, these days, who isn’t falling apart? Or let the upbeat jam session vibes flow through you with “I Want You (Song In A),” a surf-rock ode to your better half. The Sunshine Brother’s Inc. frontman, Jake Weissman, was kind enough to speak on the creation of Jerry,

“The record was written and tracked over the last year or so between my bedroom at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and Big Nice Studios in Rhode Island. We tried to balance our surf tendencies with a sort of bigger 80’s, synth-heavy sound and I think it created a cool atmosphere throughout. Sometimes it calls you to the dancefloor, other times it leaves you floating somewhere in the water. The songs themselves deal with pretty straightforward pop themes- love, desire, escape, youth, etc. They’re a culmination of our experiences out here growing as people and as a band after a big year, and have become a sort of soundtrack to our time spent together in college, whether we’re hanging out, playing shows, or whatever.”

With the coming of Jerry, Weissman, DiSabito, Vadala, and McCarthy have created a playlist capable of time travel - an ‘80s summer in your ears all year round.

Catch the first wave of Jerry here: