TRACES & TYLERxCORDY Brace You For A Lonely Night


What a time to be alive. As we're all stuck in the house going crazy, TRACES has linked up with TYLERxCORDY to drop "Lonely Night" to make us all feel a little less crazy. Although it has nothing to do with coronavirus, the subject matter still resonates greatly with anyone who’s felt like they weren't in a great headspace. TRACES is an LA-based 22-year-old singer-songwriter who has already amassed millions of streams across channels while only releasing a few EPs and singles. TYLERxCORDY is a Brooklyn-based rapper and producer who uses cinematic storytelling to create his sound. After meeting in a writing session a few years ago, the pair kept in touch over the years and finally connected recently to make the song.

Speaking on "Lonely Night", TYLERxCORDY said:

"When I first heard the idea for the song TRACES sent over it took me back to early winter mornings in Seattle growing up, scraping ice off of the windshield of our car and just feeling this complete alone-ness that I couldn’t shake.  Even in happy relationships and partnerships, you can feel alone and that to me is the most dangerous type of lonely.  It’s unshakable and unrelenting.  But those dark things can at least feel lighter when you put them on a page, speak them to people you trust, or in this case, make them into music. "

As you practice social distancing, know that it's not only you. Stream "Lonely Night" below and maybe it'll help you feel a little less alone.