TRAILS and JABS Obliterate Self-Hate With the Funkalicious “Learn to Love Me” [PREMIERE]


Up-and-coming German producer, songwriter, and artist TRAILS has manifested his third original release to date and clear your ears boys and girls - it is a doozy. A groovy testament to the internal warfare that comes along with reeling from a broken heart, "Learn to Love Me" takes some of the most painful moments of love lost and creates with it a transcending world of feels and funk. Once you've made your entrance into this world, you might find yourself falling out of love with what's their name and further in love with yourself, and that's exactly what TRAILS has intended.  

Music is TRAILS' lifeline, therefore he is no stranger to utilizing his art to grapple with the trials and tribulations of mental health. Having built his studio by hand out of an abandoned storage unit in his hometown of Kassel, he proceeded to build a full home unit complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, allowing him to fully immerse himself in his music. There he has been able to properly express himself sonically and work on translating pain into beauty. TRAILS expanded on the state he was when writing "Learn to Love Me," sharing,  

“I was in the most fucked up emotional state… dealing with classic post break up emotions, isolation and heavy self hate. Once I started playing through it, I felt like I could really express and vent some of the anger, hate and distress I had bottled up." 


Once you hit play, you can immediately understand the catharsis taking place here. Starting with a series of staccato chords played on the keys, only eight seconds in and we are immersed in TRAILS’ kingdom. With a suddenly distorted background and the introduction of a nasty percussive groove, you'll quickly realize this isn't just another electronic track. 

Once settled in a cool rendition of R&B land, JABS enters with a smooth, relaxed vocal musing on love lost, before quickly coming to the conclusion that self-love is the answer. Immediately upon this realization, our favorite part of the track makes its first appearance - this heavy hitting electric guitar that is drip-dropping with emotive power. Moving into a guitar solo that would put a massive smile on Jimi Hendrix's face, this is your "headbanging," IDGAF moment ladies and gentlemen. Right according to TRAILS' plan, let loose baby and relinquish these feelings of strife and self-hatred because it's much easier to "Learn to Love Me." 

Check out "Learn to Love Me" below in all its glory: