Transviolet Takes a Stab at Donald Trump and Our Capitalist Hellscape in “Money Money” Visual


Photo: Taylor Lewis

Electro-pop group Transviolet is taking a stance against "the man." Their latest single "Money Money" is all about a power-hungry society that thrives on overconsumption, theft, lies, and manipulation. Ringing any bells? And while the topic is undeniably grim and bleak, the song itself is an iridescent pop gem. 

To highlight their message, Transviolet's latest video sees them taking a comically-dark approach. The video depicts the band in a daze, as images of a deep fake Donald Trump and ads for AR-15s play out in a flurry. They quickly change the channel to see the lottery jackpot winning numbers. Suddenly one of the band members wins! Instead of celebrating, they each try to kill one another in the hopes that the last survivor will cash in the lottery ticket- collecting all of the "Money Money." Transviolet spoke on both the single and video, sharing, 

"'Money Money' is a tongue-in-cheek ode to greed, corruption and rampant consumerism. We live in an absurd capitalist hellscape that is cannibalizing itself, and I wanted to write a song that encapsulated that absurdity. I hope that this song will cause people to question how we got here, and if we'd like to stay here."

"Money Money" exposes the darkest and evillest realities of our society. Sad but true, Transviolet's cheeky pop tune is a much-needed wake-up call for us all. 

Watch the video for "Money Money" below:

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