UFOs Wreak Havoc in Dark Pop Princess Final Child’s “Ruthless Liar” Video  [PREMIERE]


Photo Credit: Trippy Dana

At age 18, Jen Akerman finally made a long awaited decision that would forever change her life. The Sweden native moved over 5,000 miles to sunny Los Angeles. Within a few years, Akerman made significant progress in developing herself musically and the dark pop persona she has named Final Child was born. Known for moody tracks, Final Child presents to you a haunting music video for her latest "Ruthless Liar" ahead of her Till Death Do Us Part EP (out Sep. 13).

The monochrome visual is decorated with UFOs looming over the city and wreaking havoc on the civilians as Final Child mouths the sinister lyrics. Because "Ruthless Liar" is all about someone being caught up in their own web of lies so much that their entire life is fabricated, the eerie music video depicts someone trying to maintain control of their lies. By the end of the captivating visual, the UFOs abduct a woman and depart from planet Earth.

On "Ruthless Liar," Final Child exclusively shared with us,

"A person can come far by telling stories based on lies. It's almost like they become blind by their own tales, creating a new world for themselves where nobody finds out the truth. That's where the inspiration behind the video came from. Somebody's view on their own lies, trying to keep 'em under control."

Ones To Watch has your first look at the "Ruthless Liar" video below: