VALÉ and Kat Dahlia Join Forces For Cinematic “oop” Visual [Premiere]


I've been a fan of VALÉ's music for a while now but after hearing her new release, "oop," featuring Kat Dahlia, I'm fully convinced she's one of my absolute favorite budding artists. VALÉ is a force to be reckoned with in the Latin pop space and beyond, having recently been featured as the cover star for Spotify's Fresh Finds Latin playlist.

At just 17, the Colombian-bred singer is magnetic. Her music is sophisticated, yet it pulls you in swiftly and leaves you falling in love with her raw, spirited energy. VALÉ, short for Valentina, began performing at the tender age of six, and by her early teens, she found inspiration in American pop and R&B music. Since then, she has developed a voice and style of entirely her own. VALÉ is endearing and relatable - not shy about fangirling over Harry Styles during his One Direction days (all of us did, let's be honest). 

Her latest single, "oop," features Cuban-American artist Kat Dahlia, who is known for her "razor sharp" lyrics and "unique, aggressive flow." VALÉ adds that Kat Dahlia acted "as an 'older sister' and mentor" during the making of the track and music video, explaining, "She has been in the industry for longer than I have, therefore she knows that it's easy to get distracted by success and what comes hand in hand with it. She's such a dream to work with, and a lovely human. She adds a fun perspective and personality to the song and I loved having her on it." 

"oop" was created in VALÉ's house in Barranquilla, with the help of Heavy Mellow and Mark Johns. Regarding its meaning and playful attitude, it developed "as a mock towards today's society and how much they value material objects instead of real friendship, relationships, love, family."

The song is spunky, and so is the music video. It features VALÉ as "The Suspicious Ingénue" and Kat Dahlia as "The Menace." Kat kidnaps VALÉ in her red leather seated car and holds her hostage until she gets her ransom "dinero" from VALÉ's loaded father. Together, the two are a cinematic force to be reckoned with.

And guess what? VALÉ and Kat have launched an NFT series inspired by "oop," with the first drop going live now (available only on OpenSea).  

Check out the "oop" visual below: