Welcome Whose Rules, The Next Psychedelic Pop Wonder

It's the year 2022… the pandemic has subsided, you're out with your friends at the local "chill bar." With a drink in hand that's much too strong, you look across the dance floor and lock eyes with a cutie, 'Malarkey' by Whose Rules serenades this exact moment over the speakers… "I'm fallin' in love / I'm fallin' in love with you…" the lyrics coo over some off-kilter Bossa Nova-inspired production. You make your way over and the rest is history.

Today we embark on a surreal venture down the rabbit hole with the birth of Whose Rules - a psychedelic pop artist project created by an experienced producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. The 23-year-old from Oslo, Norway opens the door to his world with 'Malarkey' which he was kind enough to speak on:

"Malarkey is very much inspired by the movie Napoleon Dynamite. When Napoleon is dancing to Jamiroquai`s song (Canned Heat) on a stage in front of his entire school. I wanted to capture that moment in a song, where you can dance to it and only think about your dance moves."

And this he does well - a song with production and vocals that just gets you to sway to the steady rhythm (or gives you the confidence to go up and make the first move). The song is paired with a self-produced video that encapsulates the creator's own groovy moves and shows the bright colored, mixed-pattern world the song lives in.

Catch the song and video below, and keep your eyes on Whose Rules.