When It Comes to the Pop Magic of Valentina, We Love “P.D.A”


Los Angeles' own Valentina is proving herself a veritable force in the realm of pop, one mesmerizing single at a time. From her breakout debut single, "Child" to the empowering "10 Feet Tall," the Los Angeles artists retains the same soulful charm as when we first discovered the rising star. It is this distinctive charm she employs in her latest dreamlike single, "P.D.A."

While I am usually quite averse to public displays of affection, there is an endearing sentimentality to Valentina's "P.D.A." Existing in an ethereal middle ground between pop and soul, courtesy of Valentina's upbringing and ever-impressive voice, "P.D.A" is the sonic embodiment of the phrase floating on cloud nine. Valentina heavenly vocals deliver a contradictory love story, as she sings, "So don't do me wrong like I've done you wrong/ Don't' run away like I've run away/ I hope it's mutual."

The contradictory nature of "P.D.A" makes perfect sense and is likely a far too relatable story for anyone who has unexpectedly been swept up by love. In spite of friends' warnings and a belief that this is just a little fling, Valentina finds herself enveloped in a love where the idea of "P.D.A" or going "M.I.A" seems just perfect. More than just a bit of amiable lyrical wordplay, it is the making of an exceptional track.  

Valentina was kind enough to speak with us on "P.D.A," sharing,

"This song is the best way for me to describe the euphoric feeling of falling for someone that you've known for a very long time."

Listen to "P.D.A" below and keep an eye out for the music video due out in the near future: