New Zealand’s Will Swinton Exceeds Expectations on His Sophomore Single “Cocaine”


Will Swinton's music is in no way confined to the New Zealand city in which he makes it. The multi-talented Kiwi takes influence from far and wide, ranging from hip-hop to alternative, but it's his fresh perspective and undeniable melodies that make him immediately stand out. Beyond his talent as a musician, Swinton has also garnered an impressive social media following for his comedic content TikTok, and it's a following he hopes will transfer over to his deeply emotive and intoxicating music. 

His debut single "Let It Go" arrived as just a taste of his immense potential. The track is catchy from the outset and puts Swinton's vocals on full display. Now, Swinton is back with his sophomore release, "Cocaine," and he does anything but disappoint. Similar to "Let It Go," "Cocaine" blends an alternative flair with a woozy hip-hop delivery, reaffirming Swinton's ability to pen a memorable hook and radio-ready chorus. 

Swinton is now two for two with singles and there's no ceiling in sight. And if "Cocaine" is any indication, the only direction the rising New Zealand artist is heading is up.  

Listen to "Cocaine" below: