Fall Into the Neon-Lit Rabbit Hole of Worry Club’s “Jonesin”

Worry Club, born Chase Walsh, continues his streak of transforming all his troubles and tribulations into incredibly catchy bedroom pop with his latest single, “Jonesin.” Channeling his vulnerability and calling upon the sweetest places in Walsh’s mind, the single is a testament to the artist’s ability to create engaging, earworm hooks and sonic landscapes listeners want to get lost in.

A true bedroom artist, Worry Club is all in-house, making the connection between the music and listeners all the more intimate. Playing with pitch, tone, and a uniquely dreamy vibe, "Jonesin" puts the power in Chase’s hands, allowing for him to be his most authentic self however he sees fit. “The only time I feel comfortable sharing is through music and the manipulation of my voice,” says Walsh. “If I’m spilling the real stuff, I won’t make it sound like me.”

The track opens with a clip of a woman asking, “What are you here for?” Listeners are then catapulted into an instrumentally complex soundscape with intricate layers of beats, guitar riffs, and solid percussion. As the anxious undertones build in the otherwise easy listening and floaty single, Walsh contemplates life, relationships, and mental health.

“Jonesin” continues on its journey, twisting and turning through what feels and sounds like a neon-lit rabbit hole. When asked about what inspires him to create, Walsh explains, “As cliche as this is going to sound, it’s the only thing I can do to express the oscillating thoughts I deal with on a daily basis. So I wanted to create a dreamy soundscape where I could marry the concept of nostalgia with vulnerability.” When the song reaches its somewhat abrupt end, it feels like being snapped awake from a daydream, ending with the woman from the beginning of the track saying, “Waiting, for a friend? You?”

The Chicago-bred singer-songwriter has come a long way from playing violin in his high school orchestra. He’s figured out that he’s creatively at his best when left to his own devices, and now, under the name Worry Club, Walsh is creating music that gives us a glimpse into the worlds only he can see. His style of DIY recording hones in on his emotional vulnerability and the intimacy that naturally occurs when you invite someone into your most personal space.

According to Walsh, “Jonesin” will play a more significant role in his upcoming EP, which will be released in Spring 2022. The record will continue to further explore theme of self-discovery and will feature a track with John O'Callaghan of The Maine.

Listen to "Jonesin" below: