Yeek Gets Eccentric on “3000 Miles (Baby Baby)”

Photo: Julian Burgueño

Yeek's 2019 EP IDK WHERE cemented the Filipino-American artist as a creative force in the DIY music movement. Featuring guest appearances from Dominic Fike, UMI, and Jesse Rutherford, IDK WHERE brought together different sounds across the spectrum of pop. After a brief hiatus, Yeek is back with a new single, "3000 Miles (Baby Baby)." "3000 Miles" is the first look at new music from Yeek in 2021.

Yeek's brief stint in Los Angeles (he now lives in New York City) lends a sunny haze to the slow-burning track. Sonically, "3000 Miles" follows the trajectory that previous releases like "Only in the West" and "Solstice" laid out. Drifting between the soft tones of indie pop and the suave melodies of alternative R&B, "3000 Miles" also takes a surprising, albeit welcome, foray into mumble rap. When he's not taking a page out of Future's book, Yeek, who also produced
the track, lays down cooly impassive vocals over choppy synths and a groovy bassline.

"3000 Miles" is the kind of song that makes the most sense when you're, in Yeek's own words, "higher than a kite." The off-kilter beat and lyrics like "My body is 80 / My mind is still 18" reflect a certain detachment from reality (who hasn't done a little dissociating in quarantine?).

The track is even accompanied by a manic, highly pixelated visualizer. Deep-fried and dressed in bright colors, the video serves as the perfect partner to an already eccentric song.

Listen to "3000 Miles (Baby Baby)" below: