Youngshann Asks for Reciprocity on “Better”

Lauryn Hill once sang "Tell me who I have to be, to get some reciprocity?" Virginia-based R&B singer Youngshann has released her brand-new single "Better" and is asking the same thing. "Better" is a relatable song about relationships where you're so excited at the idea of new love that you ignore all the red flags. Influenced by R&B contemporaries like Jhene Aiko and Kehlani, Youngshann made a name for herself through a series of remixes and covers. For her, music serves as an uncensored vehicle to express herself through stories about her life.

This is Youngshann's follow up release to her debut single "Coastin" that released in 2019. Produced by W$ Kharri, "Better" finds Youngshann being candid about her emotions. Speaking on the song, she divulged,

“With ‘Better,’ I really wanted to explain how it feels to deal with a guy after you see red flags. Sometimes we find ourselves giving more than we are receiving. The ups and downs in relationships can get stressful, but it wouldn’t be if time, love, and effort were reciprocated back to us.”

Watch the video for "Better" below and try not to be triggered.