6LACK Hops on Snoh Aalegra's  "I Want You Around" for a Timeless Work of Art


When  Snoh Aalegra's  Ugh, Those Feels Again dropped in August, it painted the end of our summer in golden hues, beckoning us as individuals to take time to reflect on our emotions. Whether those feelings followed a trail of disillusionment about a previous relationship or navigated a fervent passion for a new one, Aalegra created a perfect soulful means of catharsis.  

Now almost three months later, an already unparalleled album just got even better. The much-anticipated remix of “I Want You Around” featuring the ever-luminous singer, songwriter, and rapper 6LACK has finally entered the scene and is sending fans down a perpetual spiral of romance.

The “I Want You Around” remix sees the Iranian-Swedish “cinematic soul” singer-songwriter partnered with the hard-hitting Atlanta-hailing rapper for an enchanting embodiment of pure desire. Their voices cascade in a synchronous fashion that sails listeners through the amorous R&B track in a way unlike any other. As 6LACK puts it best, you will find yourself putting “That Snoh on replay, replay.”

Listen to the “I Want You Around” remix below:

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