8 Ones To Know If You Stan GRAMMY-Nominated Artist Dua Lipa

In Albanian, Dua translates to love, and there's no better way to describe how we feel about the queen of pop. Dua Lipa has been redefining pop since she first appeared in the industry, at the age of 17. Since then, she has released her debut album, Dua Lipa, that features the chart topper "New Rules." The video for "New Rules" has been viewed almost 1.7 billion times on Youtube, and this is just the tip of the iceberg for the face of pop.  

Her honest, lively tunes have resonated with many across the world, proven by her ability to sell out huge shows on almost every continent. Lipa's songs have been streamed more than five billion times across various platforms, and she is currently the most streamed female artist in the world.  

Major award platforms  have been recognizing Lipa for her astounding talent; she received two Brit Awards and is currently nominated for two GRAMMYs, Best Dance Recording and Best New Artist. As we impatiently await the GRAMMY results, here are 8 ones to know if you stan GRAMMY-nominated artist Dua Lipa.

This article wouldn't be complete without a special bonus for the day one fans - revisit our 2016 SXSW interview with the queen herself below:


Swedish indie pop icon LàˆON's passionate, sultry sound has captured all of our hearts, and sometimes breaks them too. Growing up with a musically inclined mother, LàˆON was essentially raised to become the pop star of our dreams. Her insanely powerful vocals are showcased in her latest EP, Surround Me, and anticipation continues to grow for her debut LP set to release on March 1. Be sure to experience Léon's stunning voice on her You and I Tour presented by Ones to Watch! Dates can be found below:


Grace Carter

Grace Carter is no stranger to Dua Lipa. Carter supported Lipa on her 2017 European tour, right before Lipa blew up, and the two have been friends since. Signed to the same label as Lipa and Lana Del Rey, Carter bares her soul for the public to feel in every song she releases. Carter views every track she writes as a letter that she never had the opportunity to send. These pent up emotions explode through her extremely personal lyrics and flawless melodies, as showcased in her debut EP, Why Her Not Me. We sat down with Carter right before her EP was released – check that out here.

Lennon Stella

Lennon Stella  became popular in an extremely contemporary way, through making Youtube videos with her sister, Maisy. The two also acted in ABC's popular television show, Nashville. Splitting away from her sister to pursue a solo career, Stella started to create innovative pop treasures. Her debut EP, Love, me, features her gorgeous vocals paired with her signature refreshing sound. Stella is definitely on her way to become the next chart topping pop princess.

Ea Kaya

Nordic electro-pop artist Ea Kaya produces ingenious pop songs that take us to another dimension. Constantly traveling between Copenhagen, London, and Los Angeles, this worldly artist writes about her experiences through bold lyrics. Her debut EP, Fragile But Strong As Hell,  is a piece of pop that is unmatched in its cutting edge, catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head for days.

Charlotte Lawrence

Just like Dua Lipa, Los Angeles native Charlotte Lawrence had a career in modeling before she embarked on her musical journey. Lawrence's emotionally charged songs highlight all aspects of a relationship, from confusion, to love, to heartbreak. Her debut EP, Young, demonstrates this rising teen pop star's versatility and vulnerability through her synth-pop .

King Princess

Her name says it all. King Princess is about to rule the industry with her relaxed indie pop vibe, that has received support from pop icons Harry Styles and Halsey. The active member of the LGBT+ community basically grew up in the studio. Her dad engineered music and their home studio gave her extensive knowledge about creating her own record. King Princess' experience shines through in her debut EP, Make My Bed,  which is a perfect blend of chill hits that tell the story of an independent spirit.

Nina Nesbitt

Nina Nesbitt brings us to another decade with her 90's inspired bops. Channeling her inner Britney Spears, Nesbitt's empowering pop anthems tell the story of a young woman falling in and out of love. In her sophomore album, The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change,  Nesbitt's smooth vocals blend perfectly with her electro-pop sound. This British pop princess has definitely matured in the five years since her debut album, and her songs have never fit her as perfectly as they do now.  

The Aces

The Aces are the epitome of girl power. The indie pop girl group produces guitar heavy melodies that match perfectly with their candid lyrics about the rollercoaster ride of love. Their relaxed tunes from their debut album,  When My Heart Felt Volcanic, have quickly become the soundtrack of our lives. The all female quartet, fresh off a tour with 5 Seconds of Summer, are about to embark on their own headlining tour  presented by Ones to Watch! Dates can be found below :


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