Aáyanna Takes Us Through Her Debut EP 'Don't Look Back,' Track By Track

If you're looking to bathe in a sultry bath of hyper-aware emotions and confidence while contemplating love and hate, then the Chicago-born Aáyanna is for you. With a lyrical depth uncommon in R&B and a sound that has all the adrenaline-filled anticipation of touching a new lover, her latest EP Don't Look Back has a sound best described as goosebump gems.

Of the EP, Aáyanna says Releasing Don’t Look Back is a pivotal moment for me, especially it being the first body of work in my catalog. I was really inspired by sirens and duality while recording this project. From what I heard and read about sirens, they exude this sex appeal that I admire as someone ruled by the planet Venus. I was also really inspired by duality, and the idea that I can be two things at once or that two opposing things can be true at the same time. I can express my hatred for someone and still be sad that I lost them; or sing about how I never want to hear from them again and ask them to come see me anyway, all in the same story. And because it’s all true, I think it’s beautiful. I’ve allowed myself to say what I need to and move on from it. Recording the songs on this EP taught me to trust my instincts and don’t look back.”

Wanting to dig in further, we asked the charming chanteuse to go into detail on each track.


The EP starts off with “Gaslight,” all the things I wish I would’ve done. There were times where I fantasized about cheating back, about humiliating partners who did me wrong, and making them hurt the way I did. In this song, and video specifically, I was able to live that out just a little bit. 

"Good Girl"

With that came “Good Girl,” all the things I wish I could’ve said. Personally, I had a lot of rage during the beginning stages of my last break up. This song really helped me use it in an exaggerated way, and let go of whatever grudge I was holding. 


“Risky” is the song where you’re reminded of your self worth, and give people one strike only before they get the boot. 

"Won't Cry"

I wrote “Won’t Cry” in a time where I badly wanted clarity. After certain things are said to you and done to you, it’s hard to believe that what you experienced was real love. 

"Show Up"

I’m not opposed to a little long-distance relationship, and when I wrote “Show Up” I was in desperate need of physical touch and affection. I just felt like “hurry up and see me before I get an attitude and start an argument”. 

"Can You Take I"

“Can You Take It” is the sexiest song I’ve ever made. I’ve made lots of intimate songs but this one being just my voice and two other instruments with no drums really sets itself apart from the others.

"Kill For Me"

“Kill For Me” is a special one to me because I made it with my brother, Snowie. He added these gun sounds to the production and when I heard it, that’s how I knew what the song would be about.

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