aldn and Riovaz Link For the Genre-Eschewing Earworm "say what you mean"

Falling victim to their own paranoia, aldn and Riovaz are wicked and provocative in their genre-eschewing single “say what you mean.”

Self-produced by aldn, “say what you mean” is a melodic glimpse into an insomnia of the soul. What happens when you’re entrenched in your own despair so deeply that you mistake your lovers for enemies? The collaboration we didn’t know we needed, aldn and Riovaz melt into each other to produce something entrancing, and this song truly has a way of creeping up behind your neck.

Following his recent EP good grief, aldn continues to fuel his momentum with explosive DJ sets all around New York and a forthcoming U.S. tour in support of fellow hyperpop star and friend glaive. The tour will also feature support from Riovaz on select dates. He’s making sure this is only the beginning of his reign, and bringing Riovaz along for the ride was a well-calculated move.

"see what you mean" and previous singles and EPs continue to prove that aldn is a fearless artist. His reckless truth has built him a devout following, because what many shame themselves out of whispering, he screams in sonic poetry. As he pens his upcoming EP, “say what you mean” is clear indication that he’ll still be delivering his chaotically honest potion.

Listen to "say what you mean" below:

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